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Once the exclusive domain of yogis and Buddhist monks, downloadable apps, Youtube, DVD’s and accessible teachers mean learning how to meditate has never been easier! So why aren’t more people doing it? Put simply, emptying your mind is a challenge! But with the right guidance you can learn to calm your mind, whether you opt... Read More
It’s so easy to become a couch potato especially as you get older. Eating the wrong foods and a lack of exercise can soon lead to health problems like being overweight, out of breath and heart issues. OK, let’s be honest not everyone enjoys exercising or even the thought of exercising. If you haven’t exercised... Read More
When travelling, trying new foods and exploring different places, it’s natural to indulge yourself a little more than you normally would. One of the top tips is to always take a reusable water bottle especially if you’re going somewhere that doesn’t have drinkable tap water. It’s important to stay hydrated so fill up a reusable... Read More
People often wonder what their ideal weight is and once they have discovered it, how to keep their weight to that perfect amount. An ideal weight is the desired amount of fat that your body should have to be healthy, and being above this means that you have too much body fat, and being under... Read More
If you’ve eaten your evening meal around 6 pm and you’re still up at 11 pm, you’re more than likely feeling a little hungry. There’s nothing better than relaxing and eating snacks while watching TV or a movie, right? But hang on a minute! There are some foods that are just a no, no especially... Read More