Once the exclusive domain of yogis and Buddhist monks, downloadable apps, Youtube, DVD’s and accessible teachers mean learning how to meditate has never been easier! So why aren’t more people doing it? Put simply, emptying your mind is a challenge! But with the right guidance you can learn to calm your mind, whether you opt for Buddhist and yogic techniques, new-age or mindful meditations.

Can meditation help you find the real you?

Many people think that the basis of meditation is a sense of letting go and this is true but we need to take a step back to fully understand that most basic meditation practices start with the opposite: increasing self-awareness. By becoming more aware of thoughts, physical sensations and the world around us we increase our awareness of distractions which stop us from accessing peaceful attitudes and feelings. In short, all meditation is based on learning how to „Know thyself“.

Becoming yourself with meditation

If you feel like you’ve lost touch with the real you taking time for short, daily meditation sessions can help by helping you to tune in to the distracting thoughts you are having. By using a mantra to help you to let go of these cluttered thought patterns you can access your original self. Learning to be gentle and non-judgemental of thoughts that rush in, helps you to treat yourself with kindness. Surrendering your thoughts with faith in a loving and positive outcome and trusting in solutions frees you to live according to your own intent.