It’s so easy to become a couch potato especially as you get older. Eating the wrong foods and a lack of exercise can soon lead to health problems like being overweight, out of breath and heart issues. OK, let’s be honest not everyone enjoys exercising or even the thought of exercising. If you haven’t exercised for a while and let yourself fitness levels drop, don’t worry. Doing around 30 minutes of exercise every day will soon make you look and feel better.

Set yourself new goals

When it comes to exercise rules that will keep you fit forever, it’s important to set new goals. Stay loose and enjoy exercising whether it’s walking, running, cycling or a workout at your local fitness centre. Relax and focus on what you want to achieve. Learn how to breathe better and don’t slouch when exercising. This will give you more energy, better results and more confidence.

Diversify your exercise routine

One of the golden rules of exercising is to diversify your routine. Don’t get stuck in a rut doing the same exercises day after day. You only get bored, become less enthusiastic and in the end, give up. Many people like to exercise in a group. Working out with friends can be more of a challenge and more fun. Exercising daily and sticking to the rules will soon get you fitter, healthier while enjoying a more active lifestyle.