When travelling, trying new foods and exploring different places, it’s natural to indulge yourself a little more than you normally would. One of the top tips is to always take a reusable water bottle especially if you’re going somewhere that doesn’t have drinkable tap water. It’s important to stay hydrated so fill up a reusable water bottle before leaving your hotel each day.

Adapt to a travel exercise routine

If you love to travel, taking a little time out to find a workout routine is quite easy. Most hotels have fitness centres, small but handy gyms, as well as swimming pools. Commit yourself to exercising once a day. How about yoga? This will help you to stay healthy, more active and fitter. Going for a jog or a long walk along a beach early in the morning or in the evening is also an exercise game changer.

Eat at least one fresh and healthy meal daily

Wanting to try different food when travelling is very tempting. There’s nothing wrong with that however several heavy meals a day can be hard on the body. Try to curb overindulging and eat at least one fresh and healthy meal daily. If you’re staying in self-catering accommodation, there will probably be exciting local markets where you can pick up fresh produce, meats, grills and seafood. When eating out in restaurants, choose grilled options over fried and don’t forget the occasional salad.