If you’ve eaten your evening meal around 6 pm and you’re still up at 11 pm, you’re more than likely feeling a little hungry. There’s nothing better than relaxing and eating snacks while watching TV or a movie, right? But hang on a minute! There are some foods that are just a no, no especially late at night.

Late night food health problems

Here are a number of reasons to avoid eating certain foods near bed-time. Munching on favourite snacks in the evening can cause obesity problems, interfere with sleeping patterns not to mention causing severe heartburn, ouch.

Don’t eat these foods late in the evening

Cereal – yes cereal is definitely a bad choice for late night eating. If you’re snacking on high-sugar, low fibre cereal then you’re wreaking havoc with your blood sugar.

Mexican or Thai Food – the mouth-watering spices found in Mexican or Thai food make them one of the worst possible meals to eat late on. The spicy flavours can prevent you from going to sleep by causing heartburn.

Cheeseburgers and French fries – greasy, heavy foods like cheeseburgers and French fries are high in calories and fat. They will weigh on your stomach and take a while to digest. In the morning you’ll probably feel tired and sluggish.

Chocolate – not only is chocolate full of calories and sugar but also caffeine. Many late night chocoholics suffer from sleeplessness. Although confectionery is delicious, try to avoid eating it at night.